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Life is not always black and white.

Sitting down stringing sentences together is something i haven't done a lot of in the past few months. In fact, attempting to formulate a blog post has become foreign to me. Countless changes have taken place in the past three months since i last shared a blog post, and i feel i have slowly being evolving into a different person. In a way, its refreshing to sit, and just type. This post is going to be completely unedited, take it as word vomit, if you will.

After dedicating myself to this blog for over 3 years- spending hours planning content, photographing products and typing up posts, it was almost inevitable that i was going to loose my knack, and my interest in it. Time and time again i have sat in this very position, planning my big 'comeback' and not finding the inspiration to get the words flowing. I'm still not sure what i'm trying to get across in this post, just that i think i'm ready to return - whether content will remain the same is uncertain. I feel the reason i'm in this situation is because of the pressure to focus on a certain area and upload content on a fixed schedule which lead to the reason i started this blog to become distorted. To me, Vintage Teapot became a chore, scattered with PR samples to post about, reviews to publish and personal deadlines to meet. It was no longer my creative outlet where i willingly stayed up to the early hours of the morning with the clicking of the keyboard the only sound disrupting my motionless house. 

When i commenced writing this post, i felt an overpowering heaviness, a build up of emotion and unnecessary stress prompted by countless hours consumed in my own thoughts, and now i feel a sense of relief - a weight has been lifted off my shoulder, my mind seems somewhat less clustered and i think i'm ready to return to something i have previously loved so much. So I'm leaving it here, but eventually my words will once again be gracing your screens, for the good of my mind and with the hope of pleasing you.

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