Believe it or not, blogging is quite a lengthy process that involves a whole wardrobe of comfy clothes. I've forgot about my old blogging attire with this latest addition from leavershoodies.com* that has me all kitted out, with VT's official logo to make me look all the more profesh..

Leavershoodies.com is an online retailer renowned for their production of leavers hoodies. Situated in Brighton it offers a vast selection of customisable garments for school goers, team members or those who just like a little more personal touch to their basic clothing.

The whole service offered by the site is flawless, with first-rate customer-service: sending two sweatshirts as i was unsure of sizing is just an example of the impeccable treatment customers can expect to receive. The speed of the printing process is undeniable, with this sweatshirt being sent to print and delivered to the me in just under two weeks!

With an incredible selection of styles and colours to choose from, this particular sweatshirt is the College style in Ash Grey. The remarkable quality and softness of the fabric itself, along with the quality of the printed logo is top class. With such a large logo printed on the sweatshirt, i was a little apprehensive before popping this in the wash, however on a light wash setting there was no cracking or deteriorating of the logo and it looked just as new!

There's no possible way to root a flaw out of the service and products of Leavers Hoodies, it's the ultimate direction to head when your looking for a' customising, with prices that won't break the bank for both small and bulk orders!

Have you ever tried Leavers Hoodies services'?

* denotes PR sample(s), full disclaimer here

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