Yves Rocherthe natural French beauty brand, is a brand that briefly featured round these parts in the late stages of last year, and since then a selection of their products have made it into my daily routine, with their selection of scents becoming my go-to.

The latest of their fragrances to come onto my radar is Le Parfum Comme Une Evidence(£51.00/€70.41)* - the ultimate romantic scent. With a slight hint of floral- it's a subtle one, one that reminds me slightly of the smell of talcum powder in all the right ways. Being a complete novice to the world of scent descriptions- i can only describe it with words such as classy, feminine, and elegant. Providing a long lasting fragrance, it's an ideal option for a any night out or special occasion. 

In terms of packaging, the ditsy bottle of this Yves Rocher offering is fitting for any ladies dressing table. The baby pink squeeze bulb adds to the overall elegance of the fragrance itself. A down fall the squeeze bulb carries, however, it restricts the amount of product per spray, only slightly diffusing the spray in comparison to the norm - which doesn't seem a huge negative, but as a person who likes a good dose of perfume to carry me through the day, it has proven to be.

Overall though, it's a winner, a winner with quite a hefty price tag- but a winner all the same. The feminine packaging, the overall elegance and the aura of class it carries. With a further selection of products available in the Comme Une Evidence fragrance, it's a scent i will undoubtedly be delving further into, harmonizing my body products with my signature perfume.

Inject a little extra class into any date night with this Yves Rocher perfume, and bag yours for half the price tag now on the Yves Rocher site.

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