Admittedly, rings are a branch of jewellery that i steer well clear of, i am already aware of how sausage-like my fingers are, so when finding rings to fit the struggle is real. However recently, a hand made jewellery range has come onto my radar, and have been blingin' up my fingers and hands ever since with their beautiful bohemian-style range of jewellery.

This introduction to the aforementioned handmade and sourced shop, run by fellow blogger Nia Sky has seen my shyness of rings come to a sudden halt. From rings, to necklaces or bracelets fitted with crystals, Vanilla Shimmer have got all your jewellery needs covered with a unique twist that will not break the bank.

As a whole, after months of sporting these fabulous trio the rings must be highly commended for having held their shape very well. While the Yes Ring(£3.20/€4.40)*is a little flimsy due to its adjustable nature- which allows you to vary what finger you can wear it on, it's still my favourite of the bunch. For the gals out there who never vacate their comfort zone, this is ring acts as a friendly reminder to say yes a little more often - or maybe i'm just very philosophical- who knows?! The runner up is undoubtedly the Triangle Midi Ring(£2.60/€3.50)*, this ring is also adjustable catering for us chubby finger ladies. Finally, the one to complete the trio is the Infinity Midi Ring(£3.20/€4.40)* and the only one that isn't adjustable but remains the most sturdy and structured of the bunch. Admittedly, this is the one you will see me wearing less often due to personal preference, as i do feel the Infinity sign slightly resembles a pair of over-sized glasses - particularly on my fingers!

It's safe to say I have a new found love in the form of Vanilla Shimmer's jewellery range. With a unique selection of jewellery with all made with love and care to get even the most acute details flawless, it's definitely a range to check out. After over 2 months of wearing these rings, its only now that on inspection i can see a slight colour change in the gold, and a very slight tinge of green left behind after a long day's wear - but for the affordable price tag i'm willing to put it aside as i've encountered much worse from more expensive jewellery. It's the perfect range of jewellery for any season, but i believe it will exceed perfect when it comes to getting your festival jewellery fix!

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.


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