T H E  R E T U R N:
The impromptu, yet somewhat planned blog break I recently undertook has now called itself to a conclusion the misty haze has been lifted, my written words now once again gracing your computer screens. The creative juices are flowing, notebooks are compiling - each filled with wonderful new ideas, and i am now ready to put my new DSLR to the beauty test.

The concise break of a little under a month has worked wonders in all areas of my life. Sometimes it's nice to just detox from things, even if it's something like blogging - a hobby you are continually overjoyed by. The saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" really comes into play in this situation, as I cannot wait to return to this online space and showcase every little thing that tickles my fancy. 

N E W  B E G I N I N G S:
I bought a diary, a pretty diary with dogs on- and to me, new stationery always marks the start of some serious changes, things like structure, professionalism, organisation and all things clerical spring to mind when the topic of stationary arises - all things that give me the blogger buzz that i need to get back on track. If that doesn't help paint the picture of my current motivation levels, then here's some of the things I'm hoping to introduce or alter around my little creative space;

D E S I G N In the next couple of days i am hoping to make a few alterations to my current design, make a few html tweaks here and there and just make this whole new start a little more authentic.
T O P I C I am sticking to my beauty blogging roots, because i'm not yet willing to stray from what i love, but i will also be looking to incorporate a wide range of posts including a variety of lifestyle, photography, and maybe even some recipes!
I N T E R A C T I O N From this moment onwards i pledge to allocate time each week to reply to any comments, emails and all other forms of interaction - something i have grown to forget to do. Take this as a public declaration, if you must.
P H O T O G R A P H Y Finally, photography will hopefully become a core attribute of this blog in the coming months (the above picture being a very poor example) as since receiving my new camera i have become very snap happy!


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