While i won't be celebrating Valentines day with Leonardo DiCaprio, or the next best thing - i know this weekend will shape up to be quite a big'un for date nights, what with the release of Fifty Shades of Grey and all, ey ladies? Regardless of how comfortable you are around your other half, when it comes to date night, both parties are going to aim to look their best in order to spice things up and make things extra special, and i've compiled the perfect list of products to do just that for both male and female. And well, for those like myself who are going to spend Saturday evening cocooned in a duvet on the couch engrossed in soppy films such as The Notebook and devouring copious amounts of pizza, we can turn this line-up into the ultimate pamper evening.

F O R  M E N:
Not to paint all men with the one brush, or fall into the ridiculous world of gender stereotypes but in general, and from what i've learnt from those around me, men in are much more reluctant when it comes to preppin' themselves for the big date night. A decent skincare routine is often never even given a second thought when it comes to men, but the impeccable range of all-natural skincare from Bulldog may have what it takes to get your other half moisturising. A budget-friendly range that's not going to break the bank, but covers all skin types with their Original and Sensitive, and Anti-Aging ranges with a signature sweet, yet masculine scent all homed in simplistic clean packaging and the ideal range to prep your skin for an anticipated date night.

A simple cleanse of their skin using the Original Face Wash(£4.95/€6.50)*, followed by a quick moisturise with either the Original Moisturiser(£4.26/€5.66)* or the Sensitive Moisturiser(£6.95/€8.95)* - depending on the skin's condition, is all that a man needs to have skin that is guaranteed to glow for the night ahead. For the non-bearded of the bunch, a shave is always a good idea - particularly on a date night and with the help of both the Shave Gel(£3.95/€4.95)* and After Shave Balm(£5.50/€6.95)*, you guaranteed to get a good clean shave, one that she is guaranteed to notice. And for the men who want to delve into the complexity of a full skincare routine, use the Face Scrub(£5.25/€6.50)* every 2-3 days to bid farewell to dead skin cells, and get those under bags a little less obvious, while illuminating the said area with the Eye Roll On(£6.66/€8.66)*

F O R  L A D I E S:
Any excuse for a pamper evening with a long bath and a woman will be all over it, even if a date night ensues. A typical pamper night for me usually consists of a leg shave, some body care products and a more detailed skin care routine than the norm, all before painting my nails - a duty my impatient self has grown to detest.

The key to any pamper evening, particularly for me is getting my tan on - and unfortunately something i enjoy so much comes with alot of preparation. Before becoming something that resembles a wannabe bronze goddess, i like to exfoliate my skin. Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff (£6.95/€7.99) is a good 'un for this, on the more intense side of other body exfoliators i have tried, it's works wonders at removing any remaining stubborn tan while also priming the skin before another tan sesh' creating the perfect canvas. Typically, i input most of my effort into shaving my pins and exfoliating that the steps that follow often are carried out with a "the less fuss the better" attitude. Cue the entry of the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser(£3.75/€4.69), a less fuss moisturiser that see's no need for loitering in between tanning and moisturising. An ideal tan for date nights that doesn't come with a long line of orange toned risks is the Baby Browne Medium Tan Lotion(£14.95/€20.15)*- an easily applied lotion that requires no fuss while adding a glow to even ghostly white skin. One coat delivers a subtle natural golden glow, while two coats manages to deliver a medium tan, perfect for any date night.

Nothing preps the skin for a date night quite like the REN 1 Minute Facial(£31.95/€38.00)*, a luxurious multi-use skin care products, equipped with many benefits to illuminate and renew skin cells just in time for the big night - a full review with many benefits readable here. Follow up with a list of nourishing skin care to inject further radiance and moisture into the skin, and a covering of Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose(£2.10/€2.80) for the perfect canvas. For the finger tips, a good 'un to opt for is one from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish(£9.99/€9.99), with Red Eye coming in as the perfect true red shade, delivering a long lasting, high-shine colour. To avoid regurlar trips to the ladies' room, choose a long lasting lip colour such as the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Lacquers(£8.99/€12.49),with shades 01 and 08 providing the perfect classy red lips for Valentines day.

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.


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