It's safe to say the recent weather conditions seen my typically healthy combination/dry skin evolve into something dehydrated and lacking serious moisture, cue a frantic search of my skincare stash to solve this atrocity with a quick remedy routine that will renew and restore much needed moisture to my visage.

Surprisingly, the remedy routine consisted of basic brands like Nivea - a brand i have discovered i began to belittle because of my 'beauty blogger' status but one that should most definitely not be overlooked. Nivea, for me, has been the saving grace of drugstore skincare and with the assistance of some more expensive products, has restored what moisture and nourishment my skin had been lacking.

I have a vague memory of using this daily moisturiser back in the day, when VT was non-existent, but it didn't stand out to me or amaze me in any way. Used as part of this little mix-up however, it's a good'un. Targeted to dry skin, its the perfect morning moisturiser to pop on the skin before makeup application- it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave the skin feeling oily or greasy, just well nourished.

One thing i've always found difficult is to find a face wash that assists in the quest to well-hydrated skin, as most cleansers i have tried can be very stripping and harsh on the skin- but this offering from Nivea manages to do exactly that. Due to it being a cream formulation, rather than a gel or foam means it doesn't strip the skin of natural oils but instead gently cleanses the skin while retaining the natural moisture. Gently massaged into the skin it manages to breakdown dirt and free the skin of any residue from pre-cleansing.

Another Nivea offering worth the mention is their lip butters. A thick buttery consistency, i like to apply this generously to my lips in the evening to work its magic overnight so i can wake up with beautiful soft and moisturised lips. I do however, find it much to thick for use throughout the day as i am not a huge fan of thick lip products and often feel like my lips are suffocating, but for overnight use this is a real winner! Also worth noting is how delicious it smells!

Behold one of the most renowned lip balms going, and surprisingly one that doesn't disappoint cynical ol' me. While i like to use the aforementioned lip butter for overnight use, throughout the day i like to use this citrus-y sweet lemon lip balm to lock in moisture throughout the day. It's quite a thick balm, but one that manages to not feel too heavy or suffocating on the lips. The only downside is the awkward in-compact packaging, that's not the most easy to chuck in a pocket!

This is my favourite of this moisture-ridden line up. An almost balm like consistency, this rich moisturiser is perfect for lathering on before bed. Like most of the aforementioned Nivea products it's targeted for sensitive skin so it's gentle on the skin and contains no fragrance or harsh ingredients. I like to apply as part of my night-time routine, with the products mentioned below and let the trio soak into the skin as i sleep to re-hydrate after a day of being smothered in foundation and parched by artificial heating - allowing me to wake up with beautifully soft and well nourished skin.

Y O U  O R G A N I C  N I G H T  B A L M:(£22.50/€29.99)*
Dry skin is banished with this offering from Irish Natural Skincare brand YouOrganic.  Packed with a collection of natural anti- oxidants and skin protecting ingredients which work at nourishing the skin and hydrating any dry areas, this balm is the perfect assistance to the aforementioned Nivea products, locking in moisture. With its thick consistency a little goes along way, and when massaged onto cleansed skin before bed your skin looks visibly much more radiant and smooth the following morning, appearing much more hydrated.

R E N  O M E G A  3  O P T I M U M  O I L: (£23.00/€28.00)*
REN are a brand that have continued to wow me with their remarkable range of natural skincare of impeccable quality. This oil from their range is no different, i like to alter use between this and the aforementioned balm. The oil is again enriched with a range of nourishing ingredients that work at promoting cell repair and visibly increasing the skills moisture levels, while also optimising the effects of your skincare routine. Used in conjunction with the above product line up, it's the cherry on top seeing my skin become visibly healthier, plumper and rejuvenated. 

While each of the products mentioned work wonders alone, when used as part of a moisture-mash routine you have the perfect line-up with results become much more visible on the skin. Each product mentioned compliments each other, assisting in each others' effectiveness to create the perfect list of skincare saviours in the moisture department..

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.


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