My love of a good ol' tan has definitely not been kept in the dark round these parts, in fact it's probably one of the sub-categories of beauty that i have covered most often. Mousses, lotions and tan mists- you name the formulation and i've tried it. One thing i've grown to understand throughout this never ending tan love-affair and as a result of trying copious amounts, is that Irish brands do self-tanners like no other.

The latest Irish brand I've been introduced to is KARORA Tan - a brand that have all tan formulations covered - even down to the up-keep of tan with their CC Cream. The signature sleek purple packaging of their terrific tan adds a hint of luxury to the whole process, while delivering. And while i have only delved into the shallow end of the brands' selection of products, it's safe to say it's made the hit-list.

Undoubtedly the winner of the pair, this mist is one of the best i have tried. This delivers, and delivers real good. Mist formulas, to me are the most difficult to apply - i often find the soak into the skin much quicker than its opponents, but surprisingly this mist begs to differ and is tres easy to work with while soaking into the skin just in time to avoid that idle time between tanning and getting dressed - ain't nobody got time for that! I like to spray onto a mitt and apply in a circular movement ensuring an even cover ensues. Delivering a gorgeous medium-brown golden glow, it's one of the most resistant and long lasting tans i have ever tried. Once applied this tan really stays put for days before fading beautifully evenly remaining as a sublime glow for anything up to 7 days! 

K A R O R A  C C  C R E A M - (£19.66/€26.50)*
I must admit the concept of this is what initially drew me in, CC creams are a very intriguing product with their colour correcting abilities and the various other benefits they host - so when i discovered this face and body CC cream, i was consumed with wonder! To me, this is a hybrid of a very heavy coverage foundation and a tanning lotion, and to be perfectly honest i found it extremely difficult to work with, particularly on the face. It's incredibly heavy duty, tres difficult to blend and quite suffocating on areas of the skin such as the visage. With it's one colour for all skin tones, it can run a little dark, verging on orange if you don't use the less is more way of thinking, and plaster it on without another thought. However, the concept still has me good, and while it will never be the first CC cream i will reach for for day-to-day makeup - i can completely get how this miracle cream could work. Fake tan fails are extremely common, and no matter how experienced you are in the field, nobody is excluded from the possibility of having orange hands, or a big white patch on your neck where you completely forgot to cover due to dodgy lighting and your lack of night vision. And all the qualities that make it unsuitable for the face, make it the perfect offering for rectifying these faux pas'. Missed a spot on your neck? Not a bother, blend this cream into the said area and it is guaranteed to stay put all day with it's long-lasting qualities. The same goes for any other fails, which appears to be when this cream shines. So while it won't be making my list of face CC cream faves any-time soon, this CC cream is a miracle worker when put to the correct use. Fret no more about the unavoidable fake tan disasters because to me, this CC cream can resolve all these issues to see the day run more smoothly and less.. patchy.

KARORA have definitely set the bar high for the qualities i now desire in a tan, and give a whole new meaning to a long-lasting, evenly fading golden glow. Their Instant Tan Mist is a real winner for me, with the instant glow it delivers that stays, and stays and stays. With one bottle down, cash is at the ready to repurchase my the beloved mist and delve deeper in to their range of glow-getters, adding more formulas to my ever-growing abundance of tan, just watch this space..

F i n d  a  f u l l  l i s t  o f  K A R O R A  s t o c k i s t s   h e r e.
* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.


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