Followers of my social media will be well and truly aware of my recent fly-in visit to the South of England, which included a trip to beautiful Brighton. Often the picturesque appearance of a city captured in photos doesn't always translate into real life but Brighton differed from the vast majority, even on a crisp chilly Winter's evening. As we approached the outskirts of the city i was already mesmerized by it's appearance and whilst we left the city centre untouched, the lanes and Brighton Pier were where our hours were consumed.

My infatuation with sunsets is already undeniable, and when i got to witness the sunset over what i now claim to be the prettiest city i have ever stepped foot in, my euphoria was unmeasurable. As dusk approached, the slowly darkening sky became littered with flashing lights from the amusements. The crystal clear blue water glimmered under the suns rays, and i struggled to believe that an area of such sheer beauty lies so near, yet so far from my nest in the West of Ireland.

Equipped with my new DSLR, it was the ideal setting to give it a good road testing. While i still remain a little daunted with the techy side of things and i'm adjusting to the different settings best suited to certain conditions, i've opted to throw myself into the deep end and take all pictures on manual mode and using manual focus in order to get the best out of it, even if its proving a little tricky at the moment - i'm sure it'll eventually become a sixth sense with a little googling and toying with the various options!

My fleeting visit really got me pondering the future and what lies ahead, now with my brother nestled down South just a mere 30 minutes away from Brighton i was made brutally aware of the unhesitating passing of time. What career path i will be choosing this time 18 months, still remains unknown. However, something inside me has sparked a need to reside in Brighton for at least a year of my life. I haven't yet out-ruled the possibility of applying for college down South, but would i be mentally ready for moving across the water at what seems like such a young age? Only time will tell..

Until next time Brighton, i have no doubt your beauty will continue to beam through as the crisp Winter evenings evolve into Spring sunshine..


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