Many things beyond the world of beauty have managed to impress me this past year. From fashion accessories to methods of entertainment these aforementioned items have added a little joy these past 12 months, and later found themselves making the cut for my 2014 non-beauty faves list.

Unfortunately this is one only available to the Irish gals among us. I'm typically not a huge magazine reader and much prefer to get my fashion and beauty fixes online,  this however magazine has got me well and truly converted. With it's affordable price in comparison to others available, it's jam-packed with all things beauty and fashion and other life features thrown in for good measure while being the perfect offering to keep in the loop with all things celeb. Joy seems to run through my fingers as i flick through the glossy pages and i have found myself counting down the days until the next issue..somebody get this girl a subscription.

Something i seem to have unknowingly kept on the down-low round these parts is that i have possibly the worlds worst long distance vision and in between squinting to bring images into focus, i am a glasses wearer. On a ballsy trip to Specsavers mid-year i made what seemed like a pretty irrational decision to pick up this pair from Gok Wan's range of spectacles completely unaware of how much i would actually enjoy wearing them. The quirky-sophisticated edge they add to any outfit makes them a real winner for me while immensely improving my vision, which is always good, right?

If i were to choose my favourite person of the year 2014, it would undoubtedly be this man with my year seeming to center around both him and his music. His debut studio album + was always a good'un and since it's release way back when it was more than likely the music you would find blaring from my headphones but then he went and released his second album X and i fell in love all over again. Ed's lyrics speak to me in such a peculiar way, each song of his goes hand in hand with memories i have gathered throughout the day, sparking certain feelings and often mixed emotions. 2014 was also the year i got to witness his sheer talent live, an experience shared with the most wonderful people, and an experience which will be impossible to forget.

Do you ever complete a book and finding yourself reeling hours later in it's wake, pondering over it's hidden messages and questioning it's complexity? This is exactly what happened prior to completing this book, Ness has a way with words something that translates in this mindbogglingly accurate story. I found myself questioning everything after closing the book that one last time, the story, the characters, the setting and the almost cliff-hanger finale all contribute to it's greatness. It's definitely a must read, and in this list for a very great reason.

There is something unbeatable about a customised item, the difference two letters can make to something as simple as this compact mirror is undeniable. My initials present and the quirky 90's colour vibe of this compact adds a twist to the usual. With it's high-quality steel casing, it's perfect for popping in your handbag for on the go use, without worrying about attaining 7 years bad luck for smashing a mirror on your morning commute. With a vast variety of other designs available too, Zazzle, the seller is your one stop shop for all your personalized needs.

While my desire for an authentic Michael Kors watch is somewhat uncontrollable at times given my current budget and funds i will be pursuing dupes for the foreseeable future. This particular rose gold offering from Spirit is uncanningly similar to some available from the aforementioned in all their luxury. With its highly budget friendly price tag and it's high quality, expensive appearance it's an all round winner and the perfect addition to anybody's arm candy collection, and it's entry to my accessories collection has been highly welcomed.

From reading to wrist candy, these items have proven to be well loved in the past twelve months and everything suggests that love will continue to grow far beyond the 14th year of the 2000's..

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.


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