Festivity has truly began 'round these parts as for the following 10 week-days, i will be showcasing the crème de la crème of Irish beauty products, and brands alike in order to share the love and convey the impeccable products originating from the Emerald Isle, available both here and further a field..

So far us Irish appear to have all everything from makeup and makeup brushes to tan covered. The next avenue to by opened by the Irish is waxing, with thanks to Waxperts. An Irish Waxing company which was established in 2008 when Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O'Brien went about creating their own wax and has been making waves in the beauty industry ever since.

Waxperts unique wax has gained truly deserved popularity in salons and is now widely available in salons in both Ireland and the UK since its release, with a salon in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin run by both founders. With cleanliness, client safety and comfort their top priority, all suppliers of the wax abide by the reknowned Waxpert "no double dipping" policy to ensure these priorities are always achieved.

Their first retail product to be released to the Irish market comes in the form of their Ingrown Hair Pads(€9.99)*. A multi-use product, these award winning pads are the ultimate beauty must have. Ideal for the treatment and prevention of ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving, while also working at banishing breakouts, skin rashes and Keratosis Pilaris (bumps found on the upper arm). Equipped with salicylic acid they are tough enough to achieve results while being gentle enough for daily use.

Essentially like exfoliating pads, you simply rub it over the area you wish to treat, be it your upper arms to reduce the keratosis pilaris, or simply swiping over your face to help combat any break outs. These pads feel gentle and rather soothing on the skin while guaranteeing results. For it's principle use of treating ingrown hairs for both men and women alike, these pads can be used on the skin 24 hours after waxing and 12 hours after shaving. 

After multiple uses, these pads are seen to cause little to no irritation to my skin, while greatly reducing the appearance of keratosis pilaris on my upper arms, and treating any ingrown hairs left behind from shaving and waxing. Leading me to believe we have a new found beauty stash essential.

The wonder product status of these Waxperts Pads is undoubtedly one of true deserving. Anything that can reduce my loathing of my arms and i am all over it, thank you Waxperts for your incredibly innovative addition to the beauty world, and more importantly- my regime..

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.


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