Festivity has truly begun 'round these parts as for the following 10 week-days, i will be showcasing the crème de la crème of Irish beauty products, and brands alike in order to share the love and convey the impeccable products originating from the Emerald Isle, available both here and further a field..

First up is The Tan Cosy(€20)*; an incredibly innovative product designed to avoid destroying your pristine white bed sheets with your love of fake tan and glowing pins. This 100% cotton sleeper is tailored to maintain the effects of fake tan while you sleep or chill, leaving behind no bronze silhouette stain on your bed sheets the morning after.. the night before.

I admit, i was a little apprehensive when this first arrived. It seemed a little too good to be true, and i had initially prepared myself for disappointment; I presumed it would be too restricted to sleep in, uncomfortable, or just wouldn't fulfil the anticipated duty- but my pessimist self was let reeling when this ticked all the above boxes and more.

I was astonished at just how comfortable it is to fetch yo' beauty sleep in, with its medium weight fabric not feeling too overwhelming or chunky. Designed like a sleeping bag, the Tan Cosy comes fitted with two arm holes to allow arm movement throughout the night and extends from the neck down to the feet with a long length zip to allow you to get in and out. The one-size-fits-all design is also nothing to fret about, as this is notably spacious in both length and width, allowing for tan-aholics of all shapes and sizes.

With regards the prime purpose of this sleeper, it works wonders at containing all fake tan stains within the cotton fabric. Simply tan, hop in, sleep, and have no need to strip your otherwise fresh bed sheets and instead pop this in the wash ready for your next use, it really is that easy. Adding to the convenience, it comes in this beautiful cotton bag which is perfect for keeping it stored in between use.

There really ain't no denying that this revolutionary sleeper has changed the way i feel about tanning- I now no longer feel the need to fret about the remnants of tan lingering on my bed sheets long after the tan has faded if I don't get them popped in the wash immediately, it's any bronzed glow fiend's dream.

For all the avid tanners; i suggest you snatch this up speedily to reduce the notorious side of your usual tanning routine - i guarantee, you will never look back.. 

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.

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