Festivity has truly began 'round these parts as for the following 10 week-days, i will be showcasing the crème de la crème of Irish beauty products, and brands alike in order to share the love and convey the impeccable products originating from the Emerald Isle, available both here and further a field..

It's only recently this Irish makeup brand has been brought to my attention, but Buff Makeup is the latest award-winning home-grown makeup brand on the scene. The range of makeup available is as a result of a collaboration between nationally renowned Hession Hairdressing, and internationally acclaimed makeup artist Paula Callan with the aim of producing a high performance makeup range suitable for both us ladies at home and the professionals.

Undoubtedly the Buff range is designed to fulfill the needs of all ladies, with an extensive shade range of shades and tones designed to suit all skin, they cover all bases. With a unique formulation found in each product, some of their range come equipped with vitamins to soothe, nourish and moisturise the skin while enhancing the features. The vast variety of products includes over 31 eyeshadow and 27 lipstick shades to choose from.

Similar to Fuschia, this exclusive to Ireland brand is not manufactured here due to the lack of resources, however it is packaged on Irish soil, providing jobs to the Irish population. This is all carried out in a process called private labelling, which is all legal and presents many advantages to both companies involved.

Their fabulous product range already has a cult celebrity following, becoming holy grails in some makeup bags, with ladies like Holly Carpenter and Kathryn Thomas supporting them on the red carpet. Even appearing in high profile magazine suits on Síle Seoige and Jamelia - they are undeniably going from strength to strength.

As eager as i am to get my hands on some of this impeccably promising range, i have yet to add any to my stash. However, in terms of review of their products, i will leave you in the hands of some beauty queens, to give their opinion; 


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