Festivity has truly began 'round these parts as for the following 10 week-days, i will be showcasing the crème de la crème of Irish beauty products, and brands alike in order to share the love and convey the impeccable products originating from the Emerald Isle, available both here and further a field..

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are no stranger to the blogging world, what with receiving rave reviews left right and centre from Irish beauty bloggers galore and a vast selection of highly affordable brushes and cosmetics available, with no compromise on quality. However, undoubtedly the main influence of my love of this brand is their powerful philosophy; "The face is a blank canvas with endless possibilities" undoubtedly the meaning behind their branding.

I am a strong believer that the ability to apply good makeup all depends on the tools you use. High quality brushes are undeniably a huge factor to the final look, and with tools from this superior brand, you are guarantee'd to get that desired finish. From fluffy blending brushes, to tapered contour brushes, these black glossy handled brushes have overtook some old reliables for a place in my daily line-up. With their retractable brush range, BCC even extend to covering your on-the-go touch ups..

This beautifully soft stippling brush works wonders both creams and powders. From stippling liquid foundation to lightly dusting powder blush, the semi-dense bristles work at providing that air brushed finish. Stippling brushes are a definite essential in any brush starter kit, however this is undoubtedly one of the softest and easiest to work with, the i have tried.

F42 LARGE CONTOUR/POWDER BRUSH: (£12.60/€15.99)* 
For those blessed with already sculpted features this slightly tapered contour brush can be used to further define. For those lacking, this brush works best to achieve an all over bronzed glow, or the the dense bristles to blend out harsh contour previously applied with a more precise brush. An all rounder,  and a good 'un to add to the collection.

F05 FAN BRUSH: (£7.80/€9.99)*
The loosely packed bristles of this fan brush make it perfect for dusting away any fall-out left behind post eye makeup application. However it's multi-purpose nature leads it to work incredibly at lightly dusting powder highlight along the tops of the cheek bones, or for lightly sculpting out cheekbones.

F40 SMALL TAPERED BRUSH: (£11.00/€13.99)*
Undoubtedly my most used of the bunch, the tapered design of the bristles make this brush perfect for sculpting out cheek bones for a high-definition contour and for blending concealer under the eye area. This brush's uses are never ending, even extending to be used to lightly dust highlight on the upper cheek bone.

E24 FLAT SHADER BRUSH: (£5.50/€6.99)*
Perfect for packing on the shadow, the dense bristles of this flat shader make it the perfect companion for working with pigments both wet and dry. Also ideal for precision application, particularly applying a touch of glitter to centre eye-lid to add shape and definition to an otherwise deep smokey eye. Undeniably the brush to start all eye-makeup brushes collections.

E26 BLENDING BRUSH: (£5.50/€6.99)*
The only brush one needs to fulfil the duty of both a crease brush, a precise blender or for lightly dusting shadow all over the lid. Made of soft natural hair, the bristles make this the perfect brush for blending shadow through the crease for a natural finish. To create even further definition, use to achieve diffused edges of any smokey eye.

This flat-top kabuki brush encased in a sturdy glossy black hardware is the perfect on-the-go essential. It's densely packed bristles make it perfect for applying foundation during your daily work commute, or topping up powder throughout the day.

The smaller answer to the aforementioned RF20, this brush is even more compact. The beautifully metallic pink hardware makes it perfect for achieving the desired levels of hand bag chic. With a smaller surface than the RF20 it's more suited for topping up blush or bronzer on the go, or even for chucking in the bag to fulfil a multitude of duties.

With a vast variety of brushes available, choose from a range of different bristle types from synthetic to natural fibres. Whether you are adding to your never-ending collection, or starting out your collection, BCC touch all bases at a budget friendly price..

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here. 


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