I'm currently in the midst of a love affair with Netflix, any spare moment is now consumed in-front of a blazing fire, engrossed in a multitude of titles available on there - now all the more justified with the depletion in the length of daylight, making way for an extra hour or two to snuggle up and preoccupy yourself in some good ol' television. If there's one thing i've discovered from this ongoing love affair, it's that Netflix is swarmed with television series' and movies alike, some good and some not so good. Hence, when you pursue the lists and lists of titles available, it's very difficult to find something that will tickle your peach - sparking the list fanatic inside me to compile a list of the series' i'm currently prowling my way through..

This highly popular American title was the initial reason my Netflix journey didn't end post the free trial period. It's an immensely addicting tv series which follows the life of "Manhattans Elite" as they deal with their extraordinary teenage lives full of love, heartache, parents and some pretty dark secrets. A series definitely full of drama and an ounce of mystery as we are left pondering the identity of Gossip Girl, a blogger who exposes things about the main characters that they may not have even know themselves. How you know your obsessed? When Blake Lively becomes your #WCW all day e'ryday..

A series just like Gossip Girl -one that almost all teenage girls have set their eyes upon. TVD is a supernatural drama that follows two vampire brothers as they both seek the love of the one mortal. Again, this narrative series is full of the love and woes of teenagers of both species - human and vampire. Full of all things gripping, this is an unusual twist to the typical teen series' with all things merry and bright, where things are guarantee'd to get a little dull/dreary in the many seasons. Four episodes in and i can say i'm already immersed in this 'un.

What a contrast to the aforementioned.. Homeland is a thriller, think on the lines of Criminal Minds with much less gore. This drama centers the life of a bipolar CIA agent who believes an ex-prisoner of war has been turned and is now a threat to his own country. It follows her journey as she tries to justify this theory, while various plot twists confront her and she tackles her self battles. This is definitely one for the people who prefer action-packed dramas to the cheesy love stories. Once you watch the first episode, there ain't no going back.

This is definitely a series i strayed away from watching for as long as possible, but being in the Halloween spirit and all, i finally took the plunge. A few episodes into season one and i have yet to form a full verdict and properly gather my thoughts, here's what i do know; the story is good, a little hard to follow at first but good, and the scary scenes i had previously imagined are either lurking on the horizon or i'm more gutsy than expected. With all its supernatural plots and stirs, it translates to be of a more creepy/twisted nature as opposed to horror, so if you've been avoiding it for that reason - don't fret; its all just fake blood..

This is a definitely a varied Netflix line-up that will keep these long, warm cozy nights rollin' in and out, this and a hot chocolate of course..

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