So often us beauty bloggers are all painted with the same brush, one that paints us as the type of people who prioritize our beauty regime before anything else in life, the people who would go to great extremes to wash brushes or happily plough through our skincare regime at any hour of night. But fulfilling all these regular tasks and duties can be a little far-fetched with only a certain amount of hours in a day, a fixed amount of days in a week and a limited amount of pennies in our pocket. I decided to compile a list of these said tasks that i struggle to keep on top of and spill the beans..

Queue the most anticipated chore that beauty enthusiasts all share a strong distaste for. A notorious duty that should be fulfilled weekly for hygiene purposes and although i set a goal to include it as part of my weekly routine - it's proven tres difficile on more than one occasion.

Habits form incredibly fast, and speaking from personal experience it's twice as easy to fall out of a skincare routine as it is to jump into it in the first place - especially when late nights become a daily thing. After a long day of making my way through a heavy to-do list, the last thing on my mind is carrying out my full routine, and micellar water is where it begins and ends, with a swipe of my face clean. However, I now appear to finally be mastering the art of religiously sticking to a skincare for over a month.

Whilst other beauty bloggers are out in their flocks chasing down the latest release to hit the stores, i'm typically the outcast of the group still putting my old reliable to the test. That's not to say i don't end up pursuing them eventually, but by that point they are no longer classed as new releases and have been replaced. The same applies for the hyped products of the bunch, there's no rushing out to snap one up before the hype wears down - and instead you'll find little old me only picking up only those that interest me, and typically it's month's later.

My deep dark tresses secrets' are quite public round these parts. I've already been quite public with my thick locks avoiding the brush more than twice a week,  and although my hair is receiving the bristles more often that usual since i got the chop - there's still an important part of my hair care routine that i probably skip much too often.. defending my hair against all the heat. A haircare routine typically isn't complete without a heat defense spray, something that's been on my shopping list since i ran out of it over 6 months ago leaving nothing but a gaping hole where it once sat. The day will come when it's regained it's place in my routine, but until then an alarm should be set on every visit to Boots to promote that time.

Painted tips are something of a rare occurrence for me and what with my pretty hectic weekend and weekly schedule, my nails tend to be neglected. Chipped nails, as repulsive as they appear take days to be fixed in my case, and by the end of the line you'll find my nails to be almost completely colour free due to my tendency to self-entertain by picking off the polish. Naked nails are a no-go, and if i had that extra hour in a day i'd have perfectly painted tips all day e'ryday..

It goes to show, nobody's beauty regime is perfect, not even your go-to gal's who provide you with all the latest beauty news.. if only the hours in the day were less limited.

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