'Tis finally the jolly good time of year when people are out in their thousands, all with the same goal of buying their loved ones an uplifting Christmas gift. Although these people all have a common goal, one attribute they fail to share is their budget. Budget's for these gifts vary greatly, some people opt for one big present of quite a high value, while others are scouting down a variety of small, more affordable gifts with perhaps a little more significance. Whatever budget you wish to satisfy, this series of gift guides should have you covered for the besties, the girlfriends and all the gals in your life..
For the hot drink drinker:

"Fancy a Brew?" Badge - (£1.50/€1.95)
We all know that gal whose like a sponge when it comes to a good 'oul brew, or the one who is found with a brew in hand at almost every moment,. Why not signify their love of a hot drink with this badge?

For the candle collector:
Initial Candle - (£3.00/€4.27)
Do you know a girl whose house is covered in candles? This gift ticks all the boxes with it's personal touch of their initial, while being made of natural soy wax and providing a subtle, sweet smelling fragrance.

For the stationary sucker:
Happy Jackson Sticky Notes - (£2.99/€4.25) / My Little Pony Eraser Pack - (£3.00/€4.27)
Buying for a lover of list or a stationary hoarder? These Happy Jackson Sticky Notes are guarantee'd to make the lady in your life happy, as she sticky notes her life away. Nothing beats a blast from the past at this time of year, and these erasers are guaranteed to bring some happy childhood memories to the surface of their receiver.

For the over-tweeter:
Stop Tweeting Boring Sh*t Book - (£4.50/€6.40)
Have a friend who swarms your twitter feed with pointless tweets day-to-day as a method of procrastination from real life work? This humorous book jammed packed with work tips and colourful quotes is bound to ease them of the tweeting for a while.

For the food fanatic:
Love on Toast Stamp - (£3.00/€4.27) / "Pizza is my boyfriend" Pocket Mirror - (£4.00/€5.00)
Give the lady in your life the ability to add a quirky twist to her typical morning toast with this stamp, which is guarantee'd to provide a smile on a moody Monday morning. This Pizza Mirror is guarantee'd to make any gal's Christmas with it's mouth watering design, who knew top up's could be so delicious?

For the fabulous friend:
Heart Plaque - (£3.00/€4.27)
Give your friend the gift of love this Christmas by reminding them of the importance of your friendship, nothing quite beats such a meaningful, uplifting gift. It's shabby chic design also fits the bill of a pretty piece of home decor.

For the brilliant baker:
Cupcake Shower Cap - (£5.00/€6.25)
Take a twist on the usual shower products you receive for Christmas, by giving the baker of the bunch this Cupcake Shower Cap, so even in the shower they don't forget their role in the friendship; to provide the yummy food.

For the beauty blogger:
Blogger Pencil Set - (£3.50/€4.30)
Make the blogger of the group all the more organised with these slogan pencils to jot down arising blog ideas or just to sit pretty in their blogging area, who knows, you might even get your own feature?

For the wonderful wife:
"How to be a Good Wife" Book - (£4.95/€6.20)
Give the woman of your life the book to live by, with this 90's classic on how to be the "perfect" wife. Guarantee'd to supply plenty of laughter and jokes between the pair of you.

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