The clocks have changed and the Halloween themed sweets have gone away for another year- apart from the leftovers which are currently at extremely reduced prices of course, a typical, annual shop tradition. However, saying goodbye to this marmite festival for another year makes way for the monthly round up of the beauty go-to products for the last month - a month filled with all neutral e'rything - except for the brows, of course.

No new base products have made the cut this month, bar a re-discovered tool from the Real Techniques Core Collection(£21.99/€28.99), a cult favourite brush set among us beauty enthusiasts. The Contour Brush from the 4 piece set has become a regal favourite of mine this month, for its multi-use nature, and its incredible skill when it comes to sculpting out the most invisible cheek bones a person has never seen. This brush fits in the barely-there hollows of my cheek bones like a dream, and works impeccably at slowly building up the colour for a strong or barely there contour.

For lips, this month remained unsurprisingly nude, with the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 07(£8.99/€12.49) making its way into my stash and almost immediately making its way into my daily line-up. A dark mauve-y pink shade, its perfect for just wizzing on as you run out the door, or applying briskly in the rear-view mirror before you head to your next meeting. The formulation of these lip creams has got me wrapped around their little doe-foot applicator, as i have fallen head over heels with their longevity, velvet finish, and lightweight feel on the lips, but there's more to come on that at a later date.

Eyes wise, it was all about the barely there shadow, and the bold brow. For the lazy girl eyeshadow short-cut i called in my Fuschia Custom Palette(£19.75/€25)*, with a wash of either Lara #17 (taupe), Lucy #18(brown) or Jane (plum) in the crease and blended upwards being some of my go to looks. However, the perfect Autumn eye is not complete without a swipe and blend of the good ol' reliable NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk(£5.99/€6.34) on the lid, to bring the whole look together. Sometimes, cult beauty faves just have to win.. The Sleek Brow Kit(£8.49/€9.99) was no different to the aforementioned hyped favourites, and its beautifully pigmented, long wearing wax just fed my lust for big, bold brows. Nothing quite beats my excitement when it comes to using this wax to get m' brow game on. As a result, it's currently proving quite difficult to get Celine, without the big in yo' face brow going on, but- i'll keep you updated as i slowly mend my relationship with my tweezers, and get less.. brow-happy! No fear though, no obviously drawn on brow troubles here, just big, bold unruly brows.

Skincare is something that always lies in the shadow round these parts, and never really gets its time in the spotlight. However the latest release from REN, hit all the right notes in my skincare tune. The REN 1 Minute Facial(£31.95/€37.95)*, again, a product that's had it's fair share of the limelight as of late but one that excelled to me, for many a reason. It's natural ingredient line up, the endless benefits said ingredients have on your skin, and the fact it smells ever so slightly like Loop the Loop icecreams, to name a few. Not to mention that, but the physically visible effect it has on my dull skin after use - brightening my complexion, making my tired, dull skin look less exhausted and reducing the appearance of imperfections such as blackheads ever so slightly. It's a real winner in my book.

Nude lip, barely there shadow, and a bold brow.. what a very tran-seasonal line up of products making the cut this month, here's to a more adventurous, bold November, full of all things vampy..

* indicates PR samples, full disclaimer here.

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