For me, self-tanning is something that happens all year round and is not just restricted to Summer when you can get your pins out. Anything that can transform my pasty Irish self into something a little less ghostly, and a little more glowy and i'll be all over it. With this said tanning addiction has come a lot of different tans- the majority of them being instant mousses, which have been majorly critiqued by myself and my skin. One of the tans to tick all the boxes with my critical self, is the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Mousse(£6.99/€7.99).

This mousse offering from Irish Brand Cocoa Brown is undoubtedly one of the best i've tried. Applied with a mitt, it works wonders and applies beautifully - leaving behind no streaks or blotchy areas. Within one hour of applying you are left with a sublime subtle bronzed glow making it perfect for party season nights out, but for a darker tan opt for applying it and leaving it over night before washing off, leaving behind a Kardashian worthy colour.

In terms of smell, this tan's a winner. No trademark biscuit smell with this tan, ladies. This tan has a subtle hint of a floral smell to it, nothing too overpowering or overwhelming, just enough to avoid smelling notably unattractive. The fragrance described as a Tahitian Gardenia scent, is soft enough to leave the skin smelling fresh post tanning, while the vegetable derived tanning agent present makes it gorgeously gentle on sensitive skin.

Once applied this tan has the ability to last at least 5 days, after rinsing. After washes and showers, it fades ever so slightly but fades in an even manner so that you are still left with a beautiful tan. It's staying power is so impeccable, that when it comes down to removing this it can be a pain, exfoliator, exfoilator galore and this tan won't budge! Which is a huge advantage of this already tremendous tan, but can be a major downfall when you run out of your darkest shade foundation and your typical go-to is two shades too light!

A gorgeous golden glow that will leave you feeling beach ready for a up to 7 days- even in the midst of Winter, this tan really is a winner in my books..

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