It's very seldom a product manages to woo me so much that it scores itself a full post dedicated to my love of it. But, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet(£8.99/€12.49) lip creams in all their long-lasting glory have succeeded in wrapping me 'round their doefoot applicator and taking over my makeup routine. As typically a girl to stray away from hyped products, it's quite a surprise that i have bagged myself three shades so far, and am fully intent to seek a further selection from the range.

In terms of formulation, these lip creams have got it all goin'. A pigmented lip cream that applies seamlessly to the lips and dries semi-matte. They glide over dry patches like a dream, and while they are matte, they don't dry out the lips even further. Unlike many other lip creams, these avoid that heavy, smothering sensation on the lips, and feel incredibly light-weight. As soon as the creams set, they lock in place for what seems like a never-ending length, even while eating and drinking. Pop it on, check your lips 5-6 later and you're guaranteed to still have the vivid colour you were first greeted with.

The aforementioned longevity of these creams is what sold them to me in the first place, and what continues to sell them to me every time i slick one on. The sense of security you feel when you are wearing one of these is like no other - no fretting about awkward lipstick on your teeth situations, or continuously consulting your mirror to ensure it hasn't smudged - i mean, what more could any gal want?

The impeccable shade range also lures me into the hype like there's no tomorrow. Already, i have accumulated three of the vast shade selection, with the other five slowly making their way to the top of my shopping list. With a mixture of pinky hues, neutral nudes and some ravishing reds, there's definitely a shade to attract everyone's attention. The three i have tried; Personne Ne Rouge(01) is an incredible muted red with a slight orange hue, while on the opposite end of the spectrum Frambourjois(02) is a raspberry red verging on a berry pink, and the less loud of the three being Nude-ist(07) coming in as a mauvey pink shade that transfers to a "your lips but better shade".

The layering ability of these liquid lipsticks has also got me hooked. Granted one coat is typically enough, on those days when you're lusting for a lil' more umph, building up and coating on the colour causes no strange stickiness, or has no drying effect on the lips, they simply just glide.. leaving behind no clumpy flaky mess.

The fabulous formulation, the staggering staying power, and the splendid shade range, these liquid lipsticks/creams have got me infatuated, even down to their doe-foot applicator..

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