Contrary to my love of nude lips as expressed in my October's favourites post, nothing quite beats a statement lip in Autumn/Winter - or anytime of the year for that matter. Bright or dark, for me any shade goes towards the termination of the year. From my mountainous pile of lip products, it appears i've developed a set line up for this season, with a number of different formulations and no apparent colour scheme - the only thing linking them being their ability to transform a look.

First up is the deepest of the bunch - Fuschia Lipstick in Vamp(£10.50/€13.50)* An almost matte burgundy, ox blood shade it is the perfect colour to bring you from the beginning of Autumn straight through to the final days of Winter. It can be perfectly paired with any eye look - from golds, silver, to a full on smokey eye. However, with a questionable formulation which i feel is a little waxy with not the strongest longevity, it's not the lipstick to fall back on for a full day away from a mirror, and instead is best suited to short time periods or on brief nights out.

The highly renowned MAC Up The Amp(£15.50/€19.50) is an all rounder, and can be worn at any time of the year. A mauve toned purple shade, it's quite the statement lip. With it's buildable glossy finish, this lippy can be worn at many intensities - from a slight mauve sheen on the lips to a highly pigmented glossy purple shade. It's creamy consistency makes it a dream to apply, while its longevity and finish make it a winner in my books. 

The Revlon Balm Stain in Crush(£7.99/€10.99) is the longest standing contender of the bunch, and has been a staple favourite for this time of year since it made it's way into my stash. A deep berry shade, this colour is almost a less pigmented, glossier version of the aforementioned Fuschia shade. Again, this can be worn as a slight gloss tint to the lips or build up to a glossy berry shade. Having the ability to build this up to the intense berry/burgundy colour it is in the bullet makes it a very wearable shade for almost every skin tone. While its longevity makes it a regal go-to on those lazy days where you want no fuss or touch ups.

Another versatile shade, the Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial(£6.49/€7.99) is the most subtle shade of the group. A muted pink creamy, highly pigmented lip lacquer, i've dubbed it the Statement Nude. Another long lasting formulation, it's my most reached for on neutral makeup days or perfect paired with a statement eye while lasting hours between top-ups. It's also without a doubt the most versatile of the bouquet and can be paired with almost any look. 

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet(£8.99/€12.49) range have grabbed my love and completely won me over, over taking all other lip products in my collection. The Shade 02 is a deep muted raspberry shade and is perfect for the current season. The finish of these lip creams is like no other, and while it's matte they are not drying on the lips and also feel incredibly light weight. This shade is my go-to pinky toned for the season and looks stunning paired with gold shadow, for the perfect party look. Their long lasting power makes it the perfect lip product to adorn your pout on nights out.

The Art Deco Shade 26 (£10.03/€12.50) is a sheer blue-toned purple with a high shine finish.With build-able coverage it can be worn on its own, or slightly blended over your favourite nude to create a unique shade. Packed with slight gold reflex throughout the lipstick, it really illuminates and lifts the lips while appearing to brighten the complexion simultaneously. And best of all - due to it's sheer formulation - the lipstick fades quite rapidly but does not bleed, leaving no urgency between top-ups.

From pink lip creams to dark ox blood lipsticks, these six shades of different formulations have got you covered between now and the build up to spring. Six shades on rotation for over six weeks, while not limiting your choice of looks, versatility is wonderful - isn't it?!

note: lipsticks swatched on lips above in order of being mentioned.
* indicates PR samples, full disclaimer here.

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