Autumn is undoubtedly my all time favourite time of the year. Nothing quite beats the feeling of the evenings getting darker- accommodating my lazy-self's love of sitting by the fire hot chocolate in hand, the crisp crunch of the Autumn leaves as you venture out on seasonal walks, the days getting colder making it time to whip out the jackets and coats, and the nights getting warmer with thanks to the blazing Autumn fires. To sum it up in one word, i would say Autumn is a cosy season. The clothes get cosier, rooms get cosier, and the nights in get all the more cosier kudos to your favourite hot drink, and fluffy pjs.

It seems i too change with the seasons; at the beginning of the year i love all things bright- bright rooms, bright clothes, bright makeup, and once Summer merges into Autumn, i lust for cosiness, dimly lit rooms relying on fairy lights as the only light source. I get the urge to scatter candles at every corner of every room, sweet smelling candles that fill the house with warmth, and the scent of cosiness which tickles your nostrils.

My style also alters dramatically, dark colours become my one and only, patterns become a staple and boots are my feet's best friend. Dewy skin turns to cold matte skin, bright pink lips are replaced with the darkest berry shades and it's no longer inappropriate to wear dark eyeshadows in the day time. No longer do pretty pastels grace the tips of my fingers, all that lies there now are deep dreary darks, which still fill me warmth.

I think my love of Autumn is down to the looming of Christmas on the near horizon, the hustle and bustle of the Christmas has not yet began but slowly shelves are filling with this year's selection boxes and body wash gift sets. The materialistic sides of Christmas have not yet come out- the rushing to get the latest present, the need to buy the latest iPhone as a present for your loved one, or the desire to get all the presents you've hoped for without realizing it's the thought that counts.

Fairy lights galore, fluffy jumpers in every store. It seems Autumn is the time of dreams..

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