There really ain't no denying that the Irish skincare market is flying it these days, with Irish products popping up here, there and every where - showing that us Irish really have got what it takes. However, the latest product to suck in the blogging world, and skincare fanatics alike are Dream Dots*, and with rave reviews appearing almost everywhere, i thought i'd chip in and have my say!

Dream Dots(£11.67/€14.95) are overnight patches for spot treatment, which come packed in a box of 24 non-reusable patches. Invisible patches, they work at calming, clearing and healing breakouts, all while you sleep. They work at healing the infected pore, caused by excessive oil, skin cells and bacteria built up in the hair follicle. Leaving the infected pore to heal and recover without scaring over a 3-4 day basis.

To use Dream Dots, you simply cleanse and dry the area of the blemish. You then tear off one clean patch, and attach the centre of the patch to the infected area. You press down on the area for 3 seconds, before leaving it for 8-12 hours to work it's magic. For visible evidence of the patch action and to demonstrate it really is getting it spot on, the centre of the patch(the area over the spot) turns white over night.

I'm still a little on the fence about these patches, i've accumulated my thoughts numerous times, but my opinion never remains the same. They're far from terrible, and actually do work wonders - but i feel for me, their effects aren't constant. I feel as though they work sometimes, and don't work as well the next time round. In the majority of cases, they do reduce the size of the spot and they reduce the healing period. However, sometimes i feel they just don't meet the hype i was expecting, they never completely heal my blemishes, and after numerous days when the spot still isn't fully healed i feel i need to switch to another, quicker spot treatment.

I don't despise them, i just feel that for me and my skin type there are probably better spot treatments on the market. I still use them, and will continue to use them to see if my opinions of them may begin to alter, as they're the only spot treatment i have used that does not dry the area around the blemish and make it a nuisance to conceal the following day, and that is definitely a positive aspect.

As i seem to be one of very few to not have fallen head over heels for Dream Dots for Spots, i plead that you read some other reviews from people who have loved them before gathering your opinion and deciding whether to purchase or not, as it's all down to people's skin types, they may not have worked for me but they have worked for many, many others. And quite frankly, they're an incredibly innovative product!

Some positive reviews that may interest you: Zoe with Umlauts // Melanie Murphy - "Best Spot Treatment I've Tried!" // Adoreabubbles - Comparison of Two Opinions

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