In a bid to become more academically motivated, and to also get my sleep schedule back on the straight and narrow - i have pledged to become a little more active when it comes to books, and reading. I'm a book worm once i get going, but i'm also lazy- so finding the motivation to start a book is tres difficult.

Books are definitely a form of escapism, be it from the horrible day you've had at school, the stress of an upcoming results day, or you just want a simple ol' break from reality, which we're all entitled to. I have such a diverse taste in books, and if i like it, i love it and will struggle to put it down, regardless of the genre. I'm a John Green, Nicholas Sparks kind of gal' but also love some good ol' classics.

I've started Safe Haven numerous amounts of time, and once i get into it and the exciting parts i always fall out of routine and reading takes a back seat. I'm then left pondering whether i should restart or pick up where i left off, and the latter always seems to win. I'm determined to finish it now though, because i've recently just spied the movie on Netflix, and it's a life rule not to watch the movie before reading the book, right? I've already read The Fault In Our Stars and after falling in love with the nature of the characters upon seeing the movie, i feel obliged to re-read it and experience the magic one last time.

Going against the rule i've aforementioned, i have watched The Great Gatsby, because Leonardo Di Caprio o' course, and again i fell in love with the whole story, the time era, the plot, the everything- so knew the book had to be read. I've seen quite alot of people talking about More Than This, and i absolutely love the sound of the storyline, so decided i must give it a read.

No more late nights watching Youtube videos, Celine's turning over a new leaf & spending the nights reading a vast selection of storys, with various contrasting characters..

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