There's no denying things have been a bit worse for wear around these parts- posts being neither here no there, and a collapse in the typical Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday routine that we had goin' on for so long. Even though i've only been back to school two full weeks, this lack of routine has been ongoing throughout the duration of most of the Summer and it's down to my general lack of routine, and motivation these past few months but also down to the whirlwind that has become my life.

So much has being going on in my personal life, recently, that's its challenging to mentally process. However, thankfully everything that's happened has been extremely positive, leading me to feel overwhelmed with both mixed emotions and euphoria!

I recently got shortlisted for Best Beauty Blog & Best Lifestyle Blog in the Irish Blog Awards 2014, my first ever achievement in any type of blog awards, one that i am extremely proud of. The final list is due to be announced this week, so fingers crossed - even though i am up against incredible competition so making the next round seems a little far-fetched for little ol' VT!

Some amazing things have happened in my family as of late, with both engagement and Silver wedding anniversary celebrations going on around me, it seems everyone's all loved up - and me, well i'm still firmly in love with pizza, oh that cheesy, crunchy base really knows how to make you feel special!

That brings me up to this week, the day i have dreaded since the moment i finished my state exams back in June - results day. On Wednesday, i got a big white envelope, containing 10 grades that mean nothing, yet mean so much. I was absolutely overjoyed when i saw the final results, results that i could have worked a million times harder for, yet results i'm extremely proud of nonetheless.

The last few months have been a whirlwind full of emotion, and it doesn't look like it's gonna stop anytime soon. Many exciting things are to come between now and the end of the year, and quite frankly, i'm ready for it, so come at me..

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