If there's one motto i have when it comes to fake tanning - it's go dark or go home. To me, nothing quite beats the feeling of a fresh, dark brown tan to make your pasty old self feel a little more glamorous. I'm secretly verging on tan-aholic, and just don't feel myself unless i have bronzed pins. If you were to raid my fake tan stash, you would come across a strong majority of tanning mousses, with the Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse being a strong contender as one of my favourites.

The Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse in Dark(£4.99/€6.25) is a deep bronzed tanning mousse which has the ability to look natural after applying one coat, but for darker pins i like to opt for another bonus coat. After two coats of the tan is applied, it sinks into the skin almost immediately, allowing you to get dressed much sooner than after using other tans. When first applied it can look a little in-your-face dark, verging on tango, but after rinsing off 6-12 hours later, you are left with a beautifully even tan.

Unlike pretty much the whole tanning population, there's no biscuit stench to it. There's a slight hint of an almost fruity, verging on coconut fragrance but it doesn't linger once applied to the skin, so nobody will be able to tell you've tanned after one whiff of your scent the following day. One thing i have noticed about this tan, is it's tendency to transfer. I've found that it transfers on to clothes, bed sheets, etc much more than other tanning mousses i have tried- luckily it doesn't stain is all i'm gonna' say!

The tan itself contains both Aloe Vera and Glycerine both targeted to soften the skin, and leave it feeling silky smooth. I also found it to be very long lasting, lasting anything between 5-7 days before washing off completely. After a few days of showering, the tan begins to fade evenly, prolonging the duration of your tanned pins, while not looking streaky, or old and worn.

When used with the Sunkissed Tanning Mitt(£3.99/€5.00), you have the perfect tanning duo. The tanning mitt is fitted with patented technology, which stops tan soaking into your fingers within the mitt. It's quite a dreamy duo, because nobody appreciates the cheese puff inspired fingers, ey? It also works amazing at applying the tan evenly, minus the streaks. It's incredibly easy to wash, just pop in the washing machine and the mitt is good as new!

The perfect tanning team, for a budget friendly price. Tanned pins, minus the tango-ness, while avoiding smelling of biscuits fresh out of the biscuit box.. What's not to love?

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