Although hair oils are a definite staple in my hair care routine, i have always avoided their sister - body oils, for fear that all the stereotypical properties of oil would apply to them. Y'know, the impossible period of waiting for the oil to sink in, or the prospect of being left with a tacky oil residue for days later -  i mean, you really can't blame a girl for shying away! However this multi-tasking offering from Roger & Gallet has set the bar high for future oils that find their way into my stash, both hair and body oils alike.

For those of you who don't know, Roger & Gallet is a French fragrance brand, renowned for the remarkable scents and incredible body products available. It's no different for the Fleur De Figuier scent, a beautiful blend of grapefruit, fig milk, and fig pulp- giving the perfect comforting, sweet aroma for a blissful Autumn pamper night. The Fleur De Figuier Huile Gourmande (£20.48/€26.23)*, contains a nourishing harmony of grape, pomegranate, blackcurrant, apricot, sweet almond oils, and is enriched with omega 6, and vitamins A and E, the perfect blend to nourish your tresses and your pins.

When the lightweight oil is massaged into the skin, the scent lingers ever so slightly. The oil absorbs almost immediately, and there's no flailing around with no place to go, as you can get dressed within minutes, and avoid turning everything into a greasy disarray. Once the oil has worked its magic (quite literally) it leaves your skin feeling sublimely smooth, and looking ever-so silky, think beach ready.

However, when used on the hair this Fleur De Figuier Huile Gourmandeworks even more wonders. The impeccable oil has the ability to restore and replenish any hair type, with effects especially visible on coloured hair. We're all aware of my tresses trauma, the long thick hair malarkey(which is officially no more) but, this oil restores any shine my hair once had, while giving me a beautiful aroma to carry around with me for the day, thanks to hair for holding scents for long periods. It enhances the colour, making it look that bit more vibrant, especially on days when it's looking a bit dreary and dull. All while making it feel beautifully soft, and dare i say it, healthy.

Soft skin, silky locks - it's safe to say that this oil is a wonder worker. All with a beautiful scent that comes in a vast range of products, all view-able here. With an 'a little goes a long way' attitude, this oil definitely is worth the hefty price tag. And, rumour has it is it's on sale at Escentual right now, go!

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