As a beauty blogger it is so easy to become absorbed in a world of materialistic happiness, it slowly becomes hard to imagine life without the internet, how to be happy without the latest beauty releases and it becomes difficult to appreciate the little things in life. On a recent visit to a nursing home i discovered a world of happiness of which i very rarely come across, happiness based solely on love, simplicity & the little things in life. As i was exposed to this happiness without material items, without the internet and where television was not the key entertainer, something clicked inside me. 

Today i'm exposing myself to you, stripping away the beauty products and latest clothes and expressing my raw emotion. I'm reflecting on the things that i enjoy in life, the things i so very rarely appreciate but the things that can bring me a much more prolonged happiness than the five minutes you get after buying the latest release. I'm sharing with you the most simple things in day to day life that manage to lift my spirit, even on the most down days. 

ROAD TRIPS WITH NO SPECIFIC DESTINATION: Nothing beats heading off in the late evening just before sun set not knowing where your going to end, but not caring. Leaving your phone behind, it's easy to spend the time absorbing the beauty of your local area and discovering places you once didn't know. 

TURNING OFF MY PHONE FOR THE NIGHT: A recent discovery of inner happiness is switching my phone off in the late evening & spending the remainder of the evening immersed in family bonding & ending the night with a few chapters of the book i'm currently reading..bliss.

A FEELING OF PROFESSIONALISM: One of the best feelings associated with blogging. Being prepared and organised, and feeling as though nothing will upset your routine because you have lists and lists of things prepared in advanced.

LONG HOT BUBBLE BATHS: Nothing beats being submerged in a hot bubble bath, candles alight, while being engrossed in a good book. No need for internet, or television here.

FEELING LIKE A HOUSEWIFE: This last one is slightly ridiculous but this past week i've thoroughly enjoyed maintaining the house whilst my mum has been working. Whether i loved being the source of my mum's smile when she returned, or feeling on top of things & having the authority to scatter scented candles throughout the house, i'm not sure but it really lifted my spirits!

Another thing that has made me happy is writing this post. It's been a long time since i had my blogging mojo in full swing, but i feel that it has now made a comeback. Writing up this post, and expressing emotion has really excited me for some more posts i intend to write. It's okay to occasionally push the products aside and focus solely on you, the person behind the blog.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as i loved writing it!

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