As people i feel we are inclined to forget about caring for our feet, we presume our soles are invincible as they manage to support our entire body weight, withstand the pain of walking in 6-inch heels, and keep us balanced. But like everything, even the strongest of body parts need some TLC every now and then. So put the feet phobia aside and face your tootsies, and give your soles some lovin'.

Sole pampers are most certainly not that complicated, and can be completed at home within minutes - no unnecessary trips to the local beauty salon for a pedicure here, ladies. The Micro Pedi, is the holy grail of foot pampering. Essentially an electronic foot file, the mineral rollers buff away all the dead skin cells, too often found on our feet. (yes we all get it!) While not being too harsh on the skin, the Micro Pedi works at gently removing the hard skin on the soles, as you roll it in back and forward motions.. It leaves your soles feeling beautifully smooth, and almost picture worthy - i kid you, not. Micro Pedi have teamed up with Nails Inc. to launch the Nails Inc Electronic Foot File Kit*(€49.99/£39.99) containing two shades from the brand worth £22/€33 (pictured above- Brook St, Porchester Place) as well as an Electronic Foot File and Mineral Roller Powered by Micro Pedi. Quite on the pricey side, the kit contains 2/3 of any at home pedicure routine - pretty nails & perfect soles - which is most definitely worth the initial splurge.

The final step in my at-home pedicure is to smother my feet in the delight that is Soap & Glory Heel Genius (€7.75/£5.50). With the brand's signature scent, this foot cream locks in moisture and prolongs the softness of the feet post-filing. Once my feet are smothered in the medium consistency cream, i put on cotton socks, and let it do it's magic while i catch some zeds, or loose myself in some Gossip Girl - which ever one takes your fancy.

There we have it, an at-home pedicure that doesn't cost regular pennies, and can be done weekly, for sublimely smooth soles and top class tootsies!

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