Micellar waters have been somewhat taking over the beauty world. Since the release of Bioderma, a French skincare gem, it seems every brand wants to jump on this craze. I'm no stranger to the world of Micellar Waters, and i'm quite partial to a good pre-cleanse every evening, so i was delighted when this latest offering from French pharmacy brand Eucerin came my way.

The DermatoCLEAN Micellar Cleansing Fluid(£9.00)* offers 3 in 1 action for all skin types. It cleanses, removes eye makeup & tones the skin all in one. It works as a pre-cleanser and breaks down the majority of makeup & bacteria from the skin before deep cleansing. It must not be used as a replacement to wash your face, but solely just used to remove makeup before cleansing.

Tested on sensitive skin, this Cleansing Fluid is fragrance, alcohol and paraben free. As someone who is not prone to sensitive skin, i cannot comment on that side of it. However, unlike the countless other Micellar waters this one soothes and refreshes the skin, along with not leaving any tacky residue which i have found with previous products of this nature.

In comparison to  two other micellar waters i have tried (L'oreal & Garnier), i've found this one to remove makeup more efficiently and with less product. I've found that with a soak of one cotton pad for the face and another for the eyes, this leaves my skin makeup & bacteria free. In terms of removing eye makeup, again in comparison to the two aforementioned, this does a pretty good job. I find it really dislodges even the toughest of mascaras and eyeliner, all while not irritating or being overly harsh on the eye area.

The packaging of this micellar water makes it more compact and easier for transporting than others of it's type. The screw on lid makes it ideal for any makeup kit for those gals who like to travel as there is no danger of it spilling. It's also ideal for any makeup artists kit for quick touch ups. With it's clinical, transparent plastic bottle it's easy to know how much product you have left, meaning there's no frantically re-purchasing when you realize it's all gone.

Overall, this Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Micellar Cleansing Fluid is a good'un. French skincare is fast becoming the go-to. As one of the best micellar waters i have tried, it's an all rounder. It does what it says on the tin and cleanses, removes eye makeup & tones the skin, while leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth, and omitting the sticky skin that i usually get after using a product of it's kind. And between me and you, on the nights when you are feeling downright lazy, this does a cracking job of cleansing the skin with minimum effort..

The all round amazing Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Micellar Cleansing Fluid is available on Escentual here with many other French skincare brands available. The cleansing fluid is also currently on sale for £7.19, go grab it fast!

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